Chewing Nails and Spitting Tacks!

English: "The Natoma" (Model No. C20...

English: “The Natoma” (Model No. C2034) Sears Catalog Home appearing in the 1916 Sears Roebuck Catalog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harold with Mother and Grandmother

Harold with Mother and Grandmother (Photo credit: Robert of Fairfax)

So nobody “spits tacks” anymore.  In fact the last box of tacks I bought weren’t even sharp! (as in, “sharp as a…”) FORTUNATELY back in the 1970’s you could still get sharp blue tacks in a 25lb box and Harold Rasmussen really taught me how to spit’em!

Spitting tacks describes the process of using a magnetic hammer to fill your mouth with sharp blued (sterilized) upholstery tacks and then ‘spitting’ them out, one by one onto the magnetic end of a tack hammer, ready for pinning your work in place. You really don’t “spit” them.  The magnetic end of the hammer goes into your mouth and somehow one tack clings to the end and the rest are stripped away by your lips and, Viola! Harold used to put a Jolly Rancher Candy in there, with the tacks because it, “made’em STICK better”!

I promise to talk less in the future about spit and more about upholstery designs and even  decorative pillows occasionally! We have some ideas about color schemes (explains why I own the domain and we will get to those ideas soon ALSO. There is more to the business of retailing pillows than I thought there would be and we will talk about that too.

My mother was an Interior Designer and Fashion Coordinator. She worked for Sears in Albany NY, back when it was still called Sears & Roebuck.  Back then it was the #1 retailer in America; can you imagine?!  So I guess the lesson is; KEEP CHANGING or die!

Mom quit changing just about a year after we launched ThrowMeAPillow.  I think she would have been proud of what we have accomplished and would be rooting for us to become the #1 online Retailer of decorative throw pillows in America.  She did not live to see the day that we reached #1 on Google for Needlepoint Pillows nor for Aubusson Pillows.  Dad lived ’til then but had lost his mind, poor soul. Lewy Bodies is a horrible form of Altzheimer’s!

So now here I am… unable to give up spitting tacks and unable to find good sharp blue tacks anymore… >sigh< I guess it’s time that I changed; and that’s my last tack on THAT!

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    • Nice to hear from you. We will see whether I actually have hundreds of things like this to share, or whether I am like the goldfish who thinks there are hundreds of astles in his tiny goldfishbowl! (Oh, LOOK, another castle!)

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